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Mindsoul Production is built by passionate and qualified people who care about your satisfaction. In business for 10 years, we aim for nothing less than the TOTAL SATISFACTION of our clients. We are a creative team that offers a variety of services! From corporate and wedding videos to photography, website design, and visual identity creation: we do it all!

What makes us different?

Our expertise and our wide range of services! No need to go through multiple agencies, we take care of everything! Photos, videos, websites, etc. Mindsoul Production offers you a turnkey formula and personalized services.

Experts in our field !

We are always on the lookout for the latest trends in photography and are always looking for a new challenge. We will highlight the specific attractions of your company. The result: unique images that are sure to make people jealous! To offer an unparalleled service, our team is always on the lookout for trends and new developments in the field. The result? A creative and impeccable project, of which all our clients are proud.

Do you want sensational shots?

Our team has the necessary accreditations and equipment for taking pictures with drones. What a great way to show off! Simplify the management of your project by choosing a turnkey contract. We are proud to be involved in the development of your projects to help you take your business to a whole new level.

Mindsoul Production est façonné par des gens passionnés et qualifiés, qui ont à cœur votre satisfaction. Nous ne visons rien de moins que la SATISFACTION TOTALE de nos clients.

Ours Services

This is the service we offering.


Professional video filming and editing services in the Quebec City area and surroundings. Video has proven itself! Effective, strong, and impressive quality video will allow you to create strong emotion that is convincing and would sell. From Corporate video, employer branding, interviews, event coverage, and weddings, to advertising: give us your idea and we will bring it to life. Our services include pre-production, location scouting, storytelling, shooting, editing, voice-over, and more!


Professional photography services in the Quebec City area and surrounding areas. Strike a pose and let us do the rest! Behind our camera, you are sure to communicate your message and get quality images. Corporate photography: Make your company shine with high-quality portraits of your employees, in the style you want. Photo studio available in our offices in portable format, or your own offices.


Your website is your business card, it must stand out! That's good news, we excel in website design. Do you want to establish yourself as the #1 in your field? Increase your online transactions? Increase your notoriety? Our web specialists will work with you to identify your needs and then build a WordPress platform that will allow you to achieve them! Treat yourself to a high-quality web platform and the advice of specialists in the field. Coaching and analysis services are also offered.


At Mindsoul Production, we will find the graphic style that will help you stand out and communicate who you are! Whether it's for a new business or an image makeover, our specialists will guide you through all the steps to create your marketing identity; colours, text, logo, slogan, promotional items, style, and concept. We will develop a unique brand image with you to make you stand out and retainable.


La Toile Média and Mindsoul Production work in synergy with you to offer you turnkey projects. Our Digital Communication specialists will accompany you in the management of your various social media. Through several strategies, we will accompany you in a process to properly manage your accounts, target your needs, create creative content and improve your company's image on different digital platforms (mainly Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin). We build your network together! Exclusive partnership to offer you turnkey projects. Nous tissons ensemble votre réseau! Partenariat exclusif pour vous offrir des projets clé en main

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Ours portfolio

Here are all the projects that Mindsoul Production has used its skills to make customers completely satisfied.


Bastien industrie X Mindsoul Production

Vidéo corporative

Équipe Coulombe

Photo corporative

Expair X Mindsoul Productionction

Vidéo corporative

Plancher a tout prix X Mindsoul Production

Vidéo corporative

Identité visuel Habitation DLC | Mindsoul Production

Client: Habitation DLC

Sanszo | DUST GEL



Vidéo commercial

La Roche Posay X Mindsoul Production

La Roche Posay

Le Florilège - Emd-Batimo


Défis Entreprise Vidéo événement 2023

SNC Lavalin

Prop Lavage - Photo commercial

Prop Lavage

Prop Lavage - Nettoyage de vitre

Prop Lavage

Conception de site web + Photo

Client: Studio- Temple

Conception de site web

Client: Quebec Pro Pli

Rachel & Raphaël - Mariage - Ville de Québec - 23.07.2022

Mariage - Ville de Québec

Défis Entreprise Vidéo événement

SNC Lavalin

Maxime & Marilyne | 16 Juillet 2022

Mariage 2022 - Ville de Québec


Agence : ShortSpan Media

L'identité visuelle Ventilation JMY

Création visuel

Mariage/Wedding - Samuel & André-Anne

Mariage 2021 - Ville de Québec

Chocolats Favoris

Client: Chocolats Favoris

Bled Art Barber Shop

Client: Bled Art

Marie-André & Jean-Francois

Mariage Québec - Manoir Hovey 2019

Valérie & Tommy


Mathieu & Marline

Mariage ville de Québec

Annie Simard - Photographe

Cliente: Annie Simard Photographe

Prop Lavage de Gouttières

Client: Prop Lavage

Dave & Mirelle Mariage Saguenay

Client: Personnel

Vidéo Nassan Québec


Photo produit Québec

Client: Protect_Dip

Vidéo Nassan Québec


Vidéo Corporatif Beiko Québec

Client: Beiko

Conception de site web MIDI34

Conception de site web

Site web Origine Café / Traiteur

Conception de site web

Création d'un logo

Cliente: Me Desrochers

Vidéo pour Prop Lavage

Client: Prop Lavage

Site web Lavage de vitres Québec

Conception de site web

Vidéo Corporatif Lifre Spray

Client: Life Spray

Vidéo Réseau immobilier Colloque 2018

Client: Groupe Sub Rosa

Vidéo pour Canadian Tire

Client: Protect-Dip

Site web La toile media

Client: La toile media

Place St-foy photo commercial

Client: Ombrages

Aéroport de Québec

Client: Ombrages

DENTAFLEX Technologies

Client: Dentaflex

Photo commercial

Client: PropLavage

Conception de site web

Client: PropLavage

Ombrages photo commercial

Client: Ombrages

Site web Maisons du sommet

Client: Maisons Du sommet inc.

Prop Lavage Vidéo corporatif

Client: Proplavage

Defientreprises Quebec édition 2016

Client: Défi Entreprises

Defi Entreprises 2016 Montréal

Client: Défi Entreprises

Nota Bene "Immobilier"

Client: Nota Bene

Ombrages 3.0

Client: Ombrages

Harley Sportster Forty-Eight (48)

Client: Protect_Dip


Photo Commercial

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Ours Clients

Here are the customers who trusted Mindsoul Production for their service.

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